I quit. The country has made a Left turn into hell and will never be the same.

Update and reversal:  Understand that I am a civilian,  a professional building contractor,  not a professional politician.  my decision to quit was the result of a deeply felt discouragement with those I have held in high esteem as conservative leaders.  Turns out they human and fallible.  At any rate,  my decision was not well thought out as is the case with most emotional decisions.  The response since my decision has convinced me of the error of my ways.  I am still discouraged,  but not to the point of quitting.  For what it is worth to some,  I will continue.     (still on the road.  Should be home this evening - Thursday). 

We have the most prolific liar as president in my 70 year life-time   . . . .    a man with no financial background,  no formal training in education, no background as a corporate manager,   a man who probably ran from every fight that presented itself to him except those that he could demagogue.  And,  this coupled with a Conservative leadership that refuses to stand up and fight for the principles that made this country great.

The John McCain's of this world have helped create a presidency that is no longer bound by the law,  a presidency that can be controlled by a dictator,  as is the case seen over the past several years. Understand this,  the presidency is no longer an equal branch of government and Obama's two terms have proven this to be the case.  He refuses legal subpoenas, cannot tell the truth even when the truth actually helps his cause  . . .   whatever the hell that "cause" is.  He is above the law as is Hillary (she will not be prosecuted)

The GOP is laughably compromised and the Left is as Marxist as possible.

I think the turning point for me was the Trump candidacy and the support he has garnered from hero's such as  Sarah Palin,  Mark Levin,  Sean Hannity,  and many in the teaparty movement.  Obviously,  principles and a true conservative three point agenda mean absolutely nothing.  I have seen Breitbard.com,  a stanch conservative publication,  surrender to the Democrat blowhard that is Trump,  a man who has not opened his bible or ever asked for forgiveness  (per his own words)  but dares to asked about Dr. Carson's religious credentials.  I have watched the Evangelical Right give Hussein a second term because it would not vote for a Mormon.

Too many bigoted, know nothing,  morons for me.

Wish you all luck as the world you live in is turned over to One World governance and the dictates of despots who control the United Nations.

Update:  I will "blog" headlines that make briefly stated points.  My targets will be the "political class."  But no more full-on commentary.  

See ya.