Hillary is being challenged by the FBI, the GOP and, suprisingly, friends of Barack Obama.

 Editor's notes:  Before you start thinking I am a fan of the Huffington Post,  I assure you I am not.  But the following is quoted for a purpose.  As you read,  know that the author is a rabid supporter of Barack Obama,  and has no intention of allowing Hillary to get off scott-free with some of her claims.  

From the Huffington Post:  Frankly, I'm tired of listening to Senator Clinton portray herself as being in the solutions business -- as boasting a nice, fat resume of accomplishments -- while mocking Barack Obama for being a rhetorical empty suit.

Is she truly a beacon of experience? Because I couldn't think of a single piece of legislation that has her name stuck proudly on the front of it, no equivalent of McCain-Feingold, for example, I headed straight for her campaign website to see what glorious aspects of her vaunted experience I was missing.

Actually, I was missing nothing. There is not one single example of any legislation with her name appended to it. In fact, the page devoted to her Senate biography is a mush-mash, a laundry list of good intentions. When she talks about "sponsoring" and "introducing" and "fighting for" legislation that obviously hasn't passed, that's a smokescreen for failure. By introducing all that legislation that never makes it out of committee, she's guilty of what she accuses Senator Obama of: confusing "hoping" with doing.