FBI siezes four servers at the State Department. Neither the Left nor the Right have any idea as to "why" the siezer.

It was reported,  yesterday,  that four servers at the State Department,  have been siezed by the FBI.  What many do not know is that the servers were actually taken  from State several weeks ago.  The readership of this blog,  should know that little has been reported here,  at Midknight Review,  as to the FBI's investigation into Hillary's emails.  The fact of that matter is this:  I  (editor of Midknight Review) have not reported anything as to why the FBI is doing whatever it is doing.  And,  I have not filed such reports because no one actually knows where the FBI is taking its investigation. 

When Hillary's camp reports that "nothing of criminal intent has been found by the FBI,"  it does not know that to be true.    When the Right charges the opposite,  that criminal intent is at the heart of the continuing investigation,  it only assumes that to be the case.  In the end,  no one knows where the investigation by the Feds has gone,  in terms of conclusions and potential charges. 

This editor believes that unless and until Hillary is fully exonerated,  however,  this investigation and the charges of misconduct,  will cloud Hillary's candidacy.  So we are left with waiting and waiting for an FBI announcement of some sort. 

It is safe to say, in conclusion,  that no Secretary of State has ever been placed under such an investigation.  That fact,  alone,  makes this investigation as serious as "serious" gets,  or,  the FBI has acted in a most unprofessional  manner.