Dems = Anti-Cop Party . . . . . have you taken notice?

Just how far Left has Obama's Democrat Party gone?  To the point that it now aligns itself with virtually every dissident, cop hating,  group on the American scene not including the Skin Heads and White Supremacists.  I include CAIR,  Muslim Brotherhood,  Al Sharpton's hate group,  Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam,  KAOS,  ACORN,  the New Black Panthers, Occupy,  and now,  Black Lives Matters.  The morons in this video are totally accepted by Obama and his Democrat Party.  The only good news is this:  Obama along with his permissive angry black rhetoric, and, radical cabal will pass into history and the Democrat Party will return to its Establishment roots as the party of "big government."  Understand that this different from being the Marxist Party of Big Government of the Obama Error Era.