Democrat / CNN debate: four men against one woman and the men lost the night.

If the debate was about making moves on Hillary's candidacy,  Tuesday nights debate was a total loss for the four men on the stage.  

Biggest loser  (other than CNN's credibility) was Bernie Sanders,  who capitulated to Hillary as he took time to fiercely defend Hillary with his demand to "stop talking about those damned emails"  (or words to that effect).  Obviously openness and honesty mean nothing to a flaming socialist.  His time in the sun is just about over   . . . .   mark my words.   

Update:  Oh,  btw,  average age on the stage was 65 years of age and everyone is white.  Guess the only qualified black guy within the Democrat Progressive Party is done with no "honorable mentions."  

Prediction:  Only three Democrat debates to go.  And, the ratings for the next debate will be worse than this first debate.  Understand that the Marxist Dems are not united,  they are required to walk the party line or pay the price in the near future.  

As far as I am concerned,  there is no need for any of the next three debates.  The men on the stage just gave Hillary the nomination and there can be no reversal of that reality when "back bone" within the party does not exist.