CNN debate on Tuesday. Me? I will be out doing my early Xmas shopping.

A ratings success for CNN will look nothing like the 23 million viewers the network saw at the second GOP debate, or the 24 million viewers from the first GOP debate hosted by Fox News. 

This is the conclusion drawn by CNN,  as it makes excuses,  before the fact,  for its anticipated failure as to the Democrat debate this coming Tuesday.  

"We only have 5 candidates."  

"Times are different than in 2008." 

"We have to complete with the baseball playoffs."  

CNN and the Dems know,  full well, that the GOP is going to make a point as to the difference between the enthusiasm of the GOP versus the Democrat Party   . . . . .   and they will be correct.  

This election will turn on the participation levels of the Left versus the Right.  Despite what is going on within the GOP during this primary cycle  (its the same for the GOP in EVERY national primary cycle,  btw),  the nation is so sick of Obama and his Secretary of State's disregard of law,  that we just might be looking at an election result similar to that of the Carter/Reagan election.