With two and half years remaining, Obama (again) declares that his presidency is all about . . . . . . . . . him and an illusionary legacy strategy we can call "manifest utopian fantasy."

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<<<  Make no mistake.  If this was about our young adult population,  Obama would encourage colleges to deal with the issue of tuition and help to create a vibrant economy.  Saving the world will be the death of all of us.  And "manifest utopian fantasy,"  fixes nothing.  

He and the Dems have lost 40% of the 2008 youth vote,  but this really is not about bringing back that constituency.  Such is really an aside to the legacy of Obama.  Understand that this failed president is a man who believes the presidency,  his presidency,  should be the "end all" to all diplomacy and negotiations for whatever purpose.  

Putin should just do what Obama suggests.  After all, to oppose The Novice is soooooo  19th century. 
The Muslim collegiates in Cairo should have simply accepted the essence of Obama's one time,  historic/rhetorical offering,  and moved against the inequities of those who would beheaded them, beat and kill their women,  and molest their young men  - all in the name of Allah   He thought he was about to change the Arab world,  that he was called to that purpose.  But they sat and listened,  went home,  and did nothing.   He had a very real/historic opportunity,  but,  as it turned out,   his 2009 speech was the end of this particular effort.  

He won the 2008 election,  of course,  and brought in a Congressional majority that eliminated the legislative need for a second party  (the GOP).  With that reality in his mind,  H Obama saw no need to negotiate with the evil Republicans,  using them only as fodder for his race-baiting name calling tactics.  In the ensuing 18 months,  he met (briefly) with GOP leadership twice for a total of 20 minutes, and,  did not allow a single GOP legislative suggestion as his party fought itself for more than a year,  in pursuit of cramming  the "Affordable Care Act" down the throats of a disapproving American population.  He and his Marxist leaning side of the aisle, would have gotten away with this, by now,  if their historic inabilities had not manifested themselves in the "roll-out" of ObamaCare,  beginning (and continuing) with the October enrollment.  The program is such a joke,   that he has to pay people to sign-up.  They call it a "subsidy,"  but it is a bribe,  nonetheless  . . . .  and the tactic has not enlisted enough people to make this thing work.  The point of this comment is this: in ObamaCare, we have H Obama hoping to act alone and without the support of more than half the nation, as he presses for a legacy built in failure and wishful utopian fantasy.   

Now,  with the current example (above),  we have his declared intention to act alone as he uses executive orders,  to relieve the burden of college loan money.  He does not deal with the actual problem that increases the need for a loan  ---  college tuition.  Rather,  he makes an offering to buy the votes of the collegiate,  thinking they will not notice the rising tide of room,  board, tuition and the fact that his policies offer little in terms of after-college jobs.   The election strategy is no longer working.  These young people may not be Republicans,  but they are not stupid,  either,  and they form the largest "stay at home" collective facing the Democrats in November.   

I have said it before,  but,  we should all know that this president,  a man who majors in "smoke and mirrors,"  who prides himself with his ability to play word games and manipulate a willing media  (they love to be fondled, apparently),  is building his legacy on the fleeting moment of executive orders and regulations.  None of these two strategies have any innate permanence.  All that he is doing is cast in the cloud of a "manifest fantasy."  To have any degree of legislative permanence,  a president MUST enlist a bi-partisan coalition, an important lesson H Obama refuses to accept.
By "[utopian] manifest fantasy,"  I mean to frame the reality that all of Obama's legacy,  built during these last days,  is temporary.    When he brags about his new global warming strategies to the determent of the hard working middle class,  his is talking about something that the next administration can change or amend,  in mere moments, after being sworn into office.  Understand,  he already "fixed" the college loan/tuition problem by taking over the college loan business back in 2009/2010.  So why the problem,  now?  Because,  again,  "manifest fantasy"  repairs absolutely nothing,  as one considers these "fixes" in the needed reality of "permanence."  Ditto for the supposed inequality of women's pay.  That was fixed in 2009,  with the signing of the Lilly Ledbetter Equal Pay Act.  Turns out,  five years later,  that legislation was all about headlines and vote getting.  So,  today,  this same contingency is back,  whining about the financial inequalities of the system,  hoping that the government will fix what it did not,  back in the mid-1060's and,  again,  in 2009.  Problem?  Manifest fantasy fixes nothing.     

As good fortune would have it,  in light of Obama's stubborn refusal to be taught,  he has nothing left but the fantasy of his utopian dreams and the fleeting power of his presidency.  If our political reality was a dessert,  Obama's utopian fantasies could be described as nothing more than  a mirage.  

Along the the same line of thought,  know that he is now,  fund raising for his "presidential library."  All presidents have them,  you know.  I am thinking that he might be the first president to forego an actual library,  and build,  instead,  something we know more readily as a "museum."  


  1. From the very beginning, the GOP has been out to take our first black president down. Look how they have reacted to the Affordable Care Act? Instead of trying to fix the problems this wonderful law has, the GOP and parrots such as yourself, glorify the problems, make them out to be bigger than they are, and use these problems for only one purpose, to win an election or two - which, by the way, you haven't been able to do. In Obama, you see a socalled "Marxist." In you, I see a hateful doochbag. I ask, which is worse? A man who cares but makes mistakes or someone who has done nothing for the past 5 years but tear our President down? The answer is quite obvious, I think.

  2. Obama and his band of revolutionaries have been hell bent on changing America, since before 2004. As to ObamaCare, THEY were the ones who refused to allow GOP partnership, not one amendment or phrase in this law, is the product of GOP input. They want full credit for the law, and now, when it is clear that they could not get the job down without GOP help, they (and folks like you) whine and try to pretend they want bipartisanship. I am not the one who sees the failure of the October roll-out or has convinced 5 of the 14 states signed-up to conduct the services and sign-ups for this law, to quit the law.