You are being scammed by anti-Trump GOP Senators who pretend one thing, while supporting the very opposite.

Alaska Dispatch News:
Murkowski faces tough prospect of bipartisan, process-focused health care reform  —  WASHINGTON — When Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski returns to Congress on Monday, she'll face a likely daunting proposition of starting anew on health care and trying to make actual progress on bipartisan legislation.
Couple this storyline supporting the need for bipartisan legislation with McCain's call for a "return to regular order" in the Senate,  and you have two Senators,  at least,  who are lying to you about "repeal and replace."  Both of these deceivers ran on "repeal and replace" platforms to secure their place in the Senate.  Now they talk of "bipartisan legislation" and a "return to regular order," statements that mean the continuation of Obama Care and the death of "repeal and replace."  
These two spiteful clowns,  along with others including the liberal,  Susan Collins,  are telling the GOP constituency,  "We won the election but are returning power to the Democrats."  That is what this kind of talk actually means.  Why?  Because the Dems are not going to vote for anything that remotely resembles "repeal."   The Dems will go for "repair and replace,"  but not "repeal and replace."
All of McCain's continuing talk of repeal is simply a lie.  Its in your face,  and is as undeniable as are his pretense at being a conservative.
Funny how that works.  They lose the election but remain in power  . . . . .   or,  did "they" really lose?  Maybe,  just maybe,  Collins Murkowsky, McCain are actually Progressive One Worlders pretending to be otherwise,  all the while,  scamming their voters and falsifying their party allegiance.  You think???
Actions speak louder than words.  
So NOW you know.