Trump is about to make a major decision that could be the end of ObamaCare.

The Blaze is reporting that President Donald Trump is threatening to end federal “BAILOUTS” for insurance companies,  if something is not done, legislatively,  by Congress.   Without the bailouts,  insurance companies would have to raise their rates to reflecft their true cost overruns.  This action would effectively force Congress to act or else put health insurance companies in the difficult position of having to raise rates on people who can’t afford to pay them or to leave Obamacare exchanges entirely.

Understand that the Affordable Health Care law,  must dole out million and millions in individual subsidies AND supply insurance company bailouts in order for this Democrat monstrosity to pretend to be affordable.  

I do not believe these "bailouts" are borne of legislative process.  If that is correct,  the President can do exactly what he threatens.  

Does the man want to keep his promises or what? !!!! 

Hail to the Chief.