No wonder these people don't know how to run a governmnet.

Just to be clear,  the following Yahoo headline is not news worthy in the slightest   . . . .   if for not other reason than the fact that it is a thoroughly predictable conclusion.  It is meaningless in view of the raging fear masquerading as anger,  within the Democrat Party.  Understand that no one will sign onto this latest propaganda trick except Progressive,  who are watching their legislative world slip away.  The fact that "they" have been working to unseat this president even before he had followed through on a single campaign promise,  which means,  of course,  that this is all about politics to the exclusion of the Dems' supposed "love for this country."  They have given up on "impeachment," and are now committed to pushing the idiotsy of "mental illness."
Michael Isikoff / Yahoo: Bill to create panel that could remove Trump from office quietly picks up Democratic support  —  For months, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders have privately counseled their more militant members to forswear talk of impeaching President Trump