Every time I think back to the 2016 election cycle, I start laughing.

The Stalinists of the Left  (where else) put all their faith in science.  Never mind that their science has given us the Tranny Revolution (folks who cannot accept the most basic of realities),  ten or fifteen theories as to the origin of the universe (me,  I only have one "theory"),  the Piltdown Man: British archaeology's greatest hoax,  the fifteen year global warming email scandal (scientist hiding satellite numbers from the population),  any number of doom and gloom predictions about warming-caused disasters that never to come to pass including the "100 year death of the Gulf"  following the oil spill from the Deep Water Horizon (folks were back in business in 18 months), and the latest "scientific"  scam,  that being the hundreds of polls taken showing Trump losing in the latest "scientific" poll.  I give you a perfect example,  with the hopes that it puts a smile on your face  ~  editor.