What is the affect of Russia "hacking" our offline elections? Did it helpTrump, or . . . . .

What is the affect of Russia "hacking" our offline elections?  Did it help Trump,  or ,  did their involvement cast a shadow on the results of the election,  regardless of who actually won?    I mean, how could this second option not be true?    

Here is the truth:  When the Democrats can't destroy someone via the Media,  they simply do not know how to win.  

Look at what they did with McCain.  They tried to prove "adultery" on the part of the Senator,  as if his primary social issue was fighting back a host of women fighting to get into his bed.  

In 2012,  Obama and the Dems went after Mitt Romney for being wickedly rich,  for driving with his dog on top of his car,  carrying around binders with the names of women that could be used as candidates for his businesses or as Presidential staff   . . . .   virtually the entire campaign against Romney was about character assassination.  

None of this worked with Trump because,  (1) he did not see being rich as a problem, (2) he did not see a relative small tax burden as a bad thing.  and (3), he was one of us in spite of his wealth.