The Hill parrots the Wa/Post proving that we really do not need The Hill.

Senior sources at the White House say chief of staff Reince Priebus is the most in danger of losing his job, The Washington Post reported Friday.

According to the Post, Priebus's job has been in danger since President Trump took office in January, and allies don't expect him to last much more than a year.

Editor's notes:  Talk about the definition of "lunacy!"  Doing the same thing over and over,  hoping for a different outcome,  that really is crazy,  Yet the Wa/Post and the rest of the far Left are guilty of this  effort.  You might ask, "Why?"  And the answer is profoundly simple:  They have no alternative other than acting goofy.  

The Priebus saga is part of this nonsense.  "They" have been forecasting his demise from the very beginning   . . . . .  nearly 9 months ago,  predicting without any evidence, yet,  without anything to justify their false reporting.  

And you can bet that if and when the time comes, two, three, four years from now,  for Priebus to move on or be promoted,  these morons will say,  "We told you so."  

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