Questions about the Paris Climate Accord

Does this mean we will no longer lead the world in CO2 reductions?  Of course not.  In fact,  we lead the world before the agreement. 

Does this mean that China and India will start polluting now that the big, bad, United
States is out of the agreement?   As members,  they never agreed to stop polluting,  not in the coming decade,  anyway. 

Will the earth begin,  again,  to over heat?  The agreement never impacted the environment.  The greatest heat reduction hoped for,  under this accord,  was a reduction of 1.5 Celsius,  one hundred years from now  . . . . .   seriously.  In other words,  Paris offered no meaningful projected impact,  contrary to the crap you will hear in the coming days. 

So,  why the agreement if  membership and set-goals are voluntary,  China and India continue to pollute on a record pace,  and there is no environmental impact as defined by the written statement of the accord,  itself?  Why?  Wealth transfer.  In the next decade,  India,  for example,  is to receive 1.,5 trillion (with a T) dollars as a member nation before it implements any plan to cut its emissions.  

ObamaCare was an insurance plan,  not a healthcare revision.  The 2009 trillion dollar America Investment and Recovery Act  (the "Stimulus") only spent 18% of its funds on "recover,"  the rest went to union dues and paybacks to Democrat congressional districts,  Dodd/Frank grew big banking and screwed the small banking industry,  Obama's coal policy screwed the middle class worker in the coal states with no replacement jobs in sight.  Obama's military reductions gave us the weakest and smallest military in 75 years,  and, now,  the Paris Accord,  a non-binding agreement that circumvented the will of the people and congress,  will allow for the theft of trillions of dollars of American wealth  (as much as 200 trillion over the coming 100 years).  Its ALL a wealth transfer scam.