Trump threatens a governmental shut-down in October. Elections have consequences, even for the winning side.

While everyone on "The Hill" is worried about what others think and are demanding,  Trump's campaign pledges are ignored   . . . . . .  and the President is not happy. 

He tweeted his displeasure yesterday while arguing for a shutdown next September,  if Senate rules are not changed. 

One Senator,  responded by saying,  "A shutdown will not happen because of Trump."  

To which I say,  "Wanna bet?"  Congress needs Trump's signature on any legislation passed through Congress.  It is unlikely that a Presidential veto could be rejected by Congress (not enough votes) but,  even it that happens,  it is the end of the GOP.  Trump simply has too much support to be ignored.  

At some point in time,  GOP leadership had better start worrying about what the President wants,  or they are going to pay a heavy price.  

Me?  I do not believe the GOP will pass a health care reform bill.  Need I remind folks that "elections have consequences,  even for the winning side."