Standing 60 second ovation for Presient Trump at Arlington.

The president was clearly energized by the standing ovation he received this morning,  at Arlington.  He has given up a billion dollars in personal wealth to serve as the duely elected President of the United States.  He has put the U.S. back on center stage in a world lost without leadership over the past eight years.  Foreign invests have outstriped all such investments of the past eight years,  and the jobs market is ready to explode.  

The good thing about Trump,  on this Memorial Day,  is found in the fact that our President is no longer willing to sacrifice our military personnel for the sake of political crap, as did Obama.   President Trump is a friend of the soldier and the standing ovations (three in toto) he received from the military at Arlington proves that they know this President has their back.   

Trump's speech was one of the best ever.  Barack would have mentioned himself dozens of times.  Trump did not mention himself once,  but paid tribute to the fallen.  A wonderful speech expressing the thoughts of a true leader.  

I am proud to be a supporter of this president.