" the rule of the Presidente." Maybe that is where we are? Screw legislation and the two party system. If we don't like what is happening, just change presidents. He already has all the power he needs to be successful.

Here's a critical question: Can Trump win re-election without any help from the Senate (both parties )?

I am going to posit a "yes" on this one.

No Wall? No problem. Illegal immigration is down 73% and it has been that way for maybe three months. How much money is being saved in enforcement costs and court costs? Has to be millions, no?

Jobs: April recorded the lowest unemployment claim rate since 1988 and the days of Reagan. All because of a pro-jobs Administration, a willingness to stop with regulatory burden, and the end of the mandates for ObamaCare (Trump ended that a couple of months ago). In other words, the IRS is not going to even ask if you have insurance.

The budget: One month does not spell "recovery," BUT the government turned in a 185 billion dollar surplus, last month.

Sanctuary cites and immigration: It is being reported that 33 states are considering bans on sanctuary for criminal aliens. Let the commun-ist states have the illegals. Hail states rights. But with 33 states joining the Trump train on this, there will be a huge domestic adjustment . . . . . all because Trump has appointed a "states rights" Attorney General. Most "illegals" live in just eight states: As of 2014, 21 percent of the nation’s unauthorized population lived in California; 15 percent lived in Texas; 8 percent lived in Florida; 7 percent lived in New York; 5 percent lived in New Jersey; and 4 percent lived in Illinois.

Maybe the political parties have sat on the pot for the last time. 
Perhaps we are looking at the change America has come to allow -- the rule of the Presidente. I mean, we had Barack doing his thing, much of it legally accomplished. And here comes Trump, a goof ball when it comes to rhetoric, but a common sense CEO when it comes to the business of running the country. He may already have all the power he needs to get things down. Thanks to Dems and Harry Reid.