Fake News Story #202: This time, the Times wants you to beleive that it knows all about the Kushner/Trump family relationship. Bull !!

the Bourgeoisie Class

Read the NY Times headline first:

New York Times:
Kushner's Relationship With Trump Tested as Russia Accusations Swirl  —  WASHINGTON — The most successful deal of Jared Kushner's short and consequential career in real estate and politics involves one highly leveraged acquisition: a pair of adjoining offices a few penny-loafer paces from his father-in-law's desk in the White House.
Now,  consider this:  "Accusations swirl" ONLY in the New York Times and related commie publications and no where else.   The impression that Kushner is under attack from sources other than the Sedicious Media is the "fake news" part of the story.  In addition,  there is absolutely no reason to believe that the relationship of Donald Trump with his son-in-law is being "tested." 
The folks we have in office,  CEO's and successful businessmen,  all (unlike the pretenders in the Obama Administration and Congress), have sacrificed their peace of mind and set aside millions of dollars to serve.  President Trump has lost over a billion dollars in net worth,  to serve as president.  On the other hand,  we have folks untrained and/or untested in the world of finance and business management,  daring to criticize the current Administration, while they rake in millions of dollars writing books and making speeches.  They are the Bourgeoisie Class,  we are the working class,  and they have been stealing from us,  even within their own political party,  for decades. 

Never before,  I say "never before,"  have financial leaders in this country defended a 1.6% GDP as "the new normal,"  only in Obama Land.  And why is this their reality?  Because their tax levies and regulatory schemes have stolen more wealth from those who create our jobs,  than ever before in U.S. history.  THAT is the "fundamental transformation" these Ignorants have given us. 

They hate Trump,  simply and profoundly so,  because  he says "bullshit" to all that wealth transfer crap.  Not a single person reading this article has ever worked for a poor person, not if she is employed outside of our feckless government   . . . . .   not a single person.  Calling names,  refusing to honor our past election,  grandstanding on a Do Nothing congressional policy and lying about the Trump Regime,  are the ONLY strategies these Losers have;  these are the very strategies they think will give them a victory in coming elections   . . . . .  in spite of the fact that they can't win a damn election to save their political lives.  What a pathetic joke these clowns have become.