Fake News story # 195: GOP health care reform is not "half done" and the The Hill pretends to be intellectually oppoised to the thing.

The Hill: GOP rushing to vote on healthcare without analysis of changes  —  House Republicans are once again fast-tracking consideration of their ObamaCare replacement bill without knowing the full impact of the legislation they'll vote on Thursday.

Editor:  And why in the world is the Hill drawing this conclusion?  Absolutely preposterous   . . . . . .   as if the Dems knew the impact of their bill.  Hell,  they actually thought it best to pass the bill into law so "they could find out what was in it!!!"  They didn't read it,  and the scoring was pathetic.  

When will the the folks on the New Left stop demanding action they refused,  back in the day when they were pretending to writing effective law?