Thoughts about the scheduled "special elections."

Associated Press: Trump, GOP face referendum in Georgia; Dems aim for upset

Notes:  What a silly headline.  Tom Price,  new Secretary of Health and Human Services,  vacated his Georgia House seat to take his job in the Trump Administration.  

The AP wants this to be a "referendum," election,  but only because the Globalist within the Associated Press believe that the Dems might pull off a victory.  If that happens,  the headlines will tell the story of a Trump Administration in decline.  

Keep in mind that this Tuesday election  (today) has the Dems spending well over 6 million dollars,  and have moved a number of folks onto the ballot to help splinter the  GOP vote.  There are 11 GOP candidates.  No doubt a few have been paid or encouraged to run by the Democrat base.  How can this happen?  Simple.  The two sides of the aisle are united in their opposition to Donald Trump.  

Referendum?  Only if the GOP wins this election.  And I write this because of the nature of the opposition:  millions spent by the Dems versus a few hundreds of thousands,  a strategically splintered GOP ballot, and,  24/7/365 opposition speech from the Dem's "third party,"  i.e. the corporate media.  

Of course,  if the Dems win this election,  they will ignore their loss in Kansas,  a loss by a comfortable 7%,  a loss in an election just last Tuesday.  In that election,  we had a vacated seat  (Pompeo to the CIA) in a state (Kansas) with the most unpopular Republican in the nation  (Gov. Brownback).  This should have been a slam dunk for the Dems,  especially after the Dems raised and made available,  8 million dollars,  to be spent in the four special elections in the early off-season.   In fact,  the only special election the Dems are favored to win,  is the Georgia election.  

Nothing to do but wait and see.  

Now you know.