History of the clotsure vote (to cut off floor discussion"filibuster")

1968  -  It took 67 Senate votes to end a filibuster. 

In mid-1970's,  that total was reduced to 60 votes.  

And,  before the end of the week,  the barrier will be reduced to a 50 vote total with the Vice President being the deciding factor.  

Some will say,  "This vote reduction will come back to haunt the GOP."  Who cares?    Here is my responce:  Where has "following the rules" gotten the GOP?  It has given us an increasingly Progressive/Globalist court system.  Understand that the media helps the Dems anytime that party fights for a particular justice.  

With the impending vote reduction,  the filibuster for court appointees at all levels is gone.  And with that,  so too is the influence of the media on court appointees.  

In fact,  this blog favors the end of the filibuster for all Senate business.  In a time when "extreme partisanship" (thanks to the Dems) is the order of the day,  the filibuster rule needs to be abolished altogether.  Will it hurt the GOP?  Not exclusively.  This change would only hurt the party not in power   . . . . . .   so don't lose elections.