Dems spending 8.5 million versus the GOP's $463,000 to win Tom Price's House seat . . . . and they plan on calling this a "surprise referendum" on the Trump presidency!!!

With a war chest of $8.3 million – closer to what it might take to run a statewide Senate campaign in Georgia, not to vie against 17 others for a suburban seat — Ossoff’s exposure is reaching almost absurd levels. In a regular election, a candidate might run spots on five or six radio stations; Ossoff’s blanketed 20 stations in metro Atlanta, including country, Korean language— even conservative talk. The campaign is handing out yard signs and stickers and flooding mailboxes with fliers. There’s even a Snapchat filter.
Opponents are trying to make much of the fact 95 percent of Ossoff’s haul comes from out-of-state donors. But that would put the Georgia portion at $415,000 — or within striking distance of the $463,000 raised by GOP frontrunner Karen Handel, who’s run several statewide races.
More than his own massive ad buy, Ossoff may be helped by in-fighting among the 11  . . . . .  contenders on the GOP side. 
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