Democrat threats against Betsy deVos are over the top.

Emma Brown / Washington Post: The cost of Betsy DeVos's security detail — nearly $8 million over nearly 8 months

Notes:  Personally, I lay every penny of her protection costs at the feet of the radicalized Democrat Party  . . . . .  every penny.  Think about it.  Barack Obama, our first radical President,  gave placed and purpose to the likes of Al Sharpton,  Jeremiah Wright,  the Nation of Islam,  the New Black Panthers,  the killers in the Muslim Brotherhood,  the cop haters in Black Lives Matters,  the vandals with Occupy, and now,  after the election,  his own Shadow Government.  It is no stretch, then, to see the threat that his radicalized Progressive Movement has become to the very political core of this nation's values and serious stewards of our duly elected government.