Trumps first budget proposal is here, and the end result will be a reduction in the size of Central Planning.

Here is a brief overview of President Trump's first budget proposal.  Reminder:  Barack Obama couldn't draft a budget proposal.  His first two proposal's failed in the Senate 97 to zero and 99 to zero.  Seriously.  No "yes" votes in the Democrat controlled Senate. How is a "zero" approving vote even possible? 

10% increase to the military  (54.8 b)

Homeland Security:  6.8% increase to 3 billion.

  Veterans Affairs: 6% increase to 4.4 billion dollars. 

Education with its push for school choice will receive an increase, as well.  

Cutting State 28% cut decrease that budget by 10.1 billion dollars

Cutting the EPA by 31% including 3,200 jobs.

Health and Human Services  (HHS)  is cut b y 15 billion  (a 17.9% decrease). 

The President's budget proposal would end funding for the National Endowment of the Arts,  as well a funding to NPR. 

Further,  this budget would end funding for the Global Climate Change Initiative and payments to the United Nation's green climate fund  (a fund created out of the Paris Climate Change accord). 

Foreign aid funding will be cut, as well.  

Of course,  much of this will not happen,  but the stage is set for a serious reduction to the size and function of the federal government.  The new fiscal year begins with the first day of October.  Until then,  we are working on funding from the Obama budget.