Fake News story #166: The truth about Meals on Wheels . . . . and it is not what is being reported by the Marxist Wannabees in our daily media.

Meals on Wheels gets it primary federal funding (there are other major funding sources, btw) from the Older Americans Act,  which was not part of the Trump budget cuts.  In other words,  Meals on Wheels is just fine.  

The cuts that were announced,  have nothing to do with the Older Americans Act funding authority.  What gets cut,  in the Trump budget, are block grant programs administered by the individual states.  Jack Tapper of CNN claims this total is three million dollars,  a very misleading number if applied exclusively to  Meals on Wheels.  In fact,  the proposed block grant cuts could include Meals on Wheels and amounts to very little.  In fact,  Meals on Wheels tells us,  this morning  (Saturday, March 18),  that they are not aware of any cuts to their program, to date.  

In summary,  I am reporting this:  In this news story,  there are two sources of funding for Meals on Wheels; one is the substantial funding coming from the Older Americans Act,  and the other is incidental funding coming from block grant programs. The former remains untouched,  the latter is the subject of Trump's cuts and is not critical to the existence of the Meals on Wheels program. 

An excellent article on this subject, can be found at National Reviews, here.

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