More fake news from Media Matters (an antiAmerican, Globalist front) :

Media Matters for America:
US Attorney Preet Bharara Was Investigating Fox News When Trump Fired Him  —  Fox News Faced Numerous Sexual Assault And Harassment Allegations  —  Ailes Left Fox News Amid Flurry Of Sexual Harassment Allegations.  In early July, former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson sued the network's CEO …blay blay blay

Notes:  Except for Bush 41, who inherited Reagan's DOJ,  all previous modern day president have fired the appointed DOJ staff of their predecessors, Clinton fired all 93 attorney's on Day One of his Administration.  

There is absolutely nothing going on within the DOJ that can be considered "suspect."  The issues Bharara were investigating as an attorney within the DOJ,  will continue.  In fact,  he was not the only Obama era attorney investigating the issues named.  

I, for one,  will object if his investigations are suddenly shown the back door   . . . . . .  ain't going to happen.  All of us can take solace in the knowledge that the Holder/Loretta Lynch DOJ was one of the most corrupt since Nixon's days.  

President Trump's Administration is,  to date, one of the most aggressive ,  promise keeping,  transparent Administrations in our lifetimes.  The Michael Flynn issue actually began two years ago in the Obama Administration when he persisted in calling out  "Radical Islamic terror."  He was fired at that time  (two years ago),  and fired again, in mid-February,  by Trump.