If ObamaCare was so great, why . . .

If ObamaCare was so great  . . . . . 

Why a mandate to force people to buy insurance?

Why a tax penalty for failure to purchase?

Why spend 70 million dollars to hype ObamaCare?

Why lie about every major feature of the ObamaCare law?

Why force college age young people to pay for something they 
do not need, while they are trying to pay for college with jobs they do not have?

Did I mention,  why lie your ass off about the law?

Why pretend it was health care reform,  when,  in fact,  it was a massive tax and was defended before the Supreme Court as a tax? 

And why continue to lie about how many people are covered by Obama Care.  That "20 million" figure you hear quoted,  is a lie.  Only 10.5 million folks are on Obama Care,  down from 12 million last year.  The rest of the "20 million" are on Medicare,  and Medicare is NOT Obama Care.