Here is how Trump beat the Maddow story into trash:

Maddow of MSNBC teased her "breaking story" regarding the Trump tax forms,  90 minutes before her broadcast    . . . .    on Twitter,  no less.  I say "no less" because that is where Trump lives   . . . . .   on Twitter.  And,  he had a 90 lead because of Rachel,  plus another 20 minutes with her pontificating before she finally got to the heart of her story.  

In the meantime,  Trump,  with all this "tease" time,  was able to reveal the facts of his 2005 tax return before Maddow ever got around to the heart of her story.  Trump scooped Maddow  !!!!  

I am still laughing   . . . .   and Maddow is this genius PhD babe on the Left.   Good grief.