Here is a compreshensive video reminder of how little the Left thinks of those on the Right.

As you watch,  do yourselves a political favor and take all the Trump insults personal, 
because that is what these people are really saying.  If you are a lib and cannot bear to 
watch,  just know that this is exactly how conservatives have felt for years.  But of course,
you don't give a crap about conservative emotion.  

What gets into my heart and soul is the knowledge that people I grew up with,  kids I taught as a church youth leader,  close friends,   business associates who work with me,  all think that I am a racist,  a xenophobe, and blay blay blay.  None of it is true,  but these supposed friends don't care.  They have only pretended to accept me,  and that is the lesson learned for me and I will never forget this betrayal.