NBC reaslly should not be trust with its reporting. Here is a perfect example for why.

Andrew Rafferty / NBC News: Ben Carson Doesn't Rule Out Trump Benefiting From HUD Money

Dr. Carson made the following public statement in answer to a silly question asked by Elizabeth Warren,  "Will you guarantee that not one dollar in HUD funding will go to the Trump family,"   as if the Trump family sees HUD as a cash cow. 

Carson's answer?  "I don't want anyone to profit from my work at HUD."

My version of the congressional back and forth approximates the discussion in question and is accurate in that respect.  With that in mind,  what does NBC News do for a "take away."  Well,  to present Carson's answer that is not close or similar to his actual answer.  
More than this,  the fact that Warren sees HUD as a potential cash cow for the multibillionaire First Family is startling stupid. No wonder this bunch of legislators can't balance a budget or solve the problems created by their own malfeasance with ObamaCare.