Time Kaine along with other Progressive Socialists, defend Kaepernick.

Tim Kaine Defends Colin Kaepernick


Editor's notes:  Here is the problem with their  defense:  no one in the European Socialist Party of America  (aka Democrats)  believes that "free speech" applies to "climate deniers,"  to "Trumnpsters,"  to folks who talk down radical Islam.  

These political imposters,  Tim Kain included,  want the 1st Amendment to work both ways.  They want it defined as "correct free speech,"  and they want to define this correctness.  So Kaepernick gets to make his anti-American case against this country and our individual police force(s),  but none of us are allowed to defame his traitorous actions.    

Update:  Just to be clear,  the NFL does not have to allow this Colin cancer to defame our country or its law enforcement agencies.  The NFL has already said "no" to the Cowboys and their effort to put a sticker on their helmets giving tribute to the police murdered by BLM trash.  They (the NFL) can say "yes" just as easily as it says "no."