So, TPP is much more about international control than Progressives want you to know.

Leaked Memo: Soros Eyed Stronger Internet Regulation in TPP Negotiations...

Editor's notes:  the problem with all of the Obama legislation is this:  each and every bill contains hidden programs and legislative "openings" that allow a rogue president to build on that legislation without going to Congress.  

That is exactly what has been revealed in the above headline.  Internet regulation has nothing to do with a trade bill,  per se,  but the Obama socialists in our White House,  want to capture control of the internet and the TPP bill was/is that opportunity.   Any bill with 1000 to 2500 pages,  is a bill with so much Progressive crap hidden in its pages that it should be rejected simply on the basis of its enormous size.  These are bills that never get read.  That is why I use the word "hidden."  Folks in congress are given a 2000 page bill,   told they have a week to read the thingAs a consequence,  these bills are passed into law without proper vetting and we,  as a nation,  move closer and closer to the brink.   

Now you know.