Clearly, Ivory Tower educated Progressives have no clue as to business decisions. That is why ObamaCare is about to collapse . . . as many of us predicted.

There are more people paying the ObamaCare penalty (11 million) than are actually signed up for this Progressive failure. 

The employer mandate has never been implemented.  90 million plans are in this category including about 3 people per plan.  

85% of folks signed up for ObamaCare (10.3 million people) are receiving subsidies to help pay for their plans. 

This year,  the average premium,  nation wide,  will increase by 23%.  The Bronze Plan,  the cheapest of the several plans,  will have a 7,000 dollar deductible.  That means,  your insurance does not "kick in" until your have first,  coughed up that $7,000.  

There remain 30 million folks without insurance or paying penalties.  

Conclusion:  There is nothing about this plan that spell an over all success, except for the following:   

On the plus side of this sad story is that fact that those who cannot pay for their coverage, and, qualify for coverage,  they are able to get medication and medical coverage for the first time in their lives.  

A second benefit is found in the fact that the E.R. services are now being reimbursed for their services.  While that does not actually pay for the services,  at least it gives our hospitals money that was not available before ObamaCare.