Truly, if it is Trump against the World, who do you think the folks will support? I mean, exactly what has "the World" done for any of us . . . . Dems and Republicans alike? Time to even the account?

Sean Hannity is spitting fire at Speaker for not backing Trump: Ryan out to ‘sabotage’ nominee

Editor's notes:  Its not that Ryan is trying to sabotage Trump so much as he is trying to force Trump's hand as to the accepted GOP agenda.  Trump has his own agenda.  He is not going to fight over Planned Parenthood  . . . .   too partisan an issue for a national election.  Understand that he supports "states rights" on this issue and I am fine with that.  The opposite,  a forced compliance on all of the Right to Life's various nuanced issues, has not worked and we have 40 years of failed strategy on this point.  
Know this:  the Establishment demanded that Trump sign that pledge to unity.  Remember that?  I do.   And,  it has become clear that "they"  were only attempting to lure Trump into the "Agenda Tent" of the party    . . . . . .    always willing  (and I am talking about the Establishment) to withdraw their support if Trump did not play by their rules.  In other words,  the pledge was only a power play,  a sham,  an action of the Status Quo  (i.e. "the establishment") designed to deceive in their effort at maintaining control.  

Well,  Trump is not going there.  Many believe that he has to surrender to the Establishment since he needs their money to win the coming election.  That's the theory.  

He was asked about this problem,  and how he will go forward if Big Money tries to starve him out,  financially.  His response?  Simply this: "Well,  I guess I will have to sell some of my properties, not just for me but for the 'down line ticket', as well."  

I am not declaring for Trump,  but that is more than admirable.