The Marxist Media wants to determine Trump's tax status rather than the IRS. Kind of silly, don't you think?

New York Times:
Donald Trump's Evasions on Taxes  —  American politics has some silly and outdated traditions, but the disclosure of income tax returns by contenders for the presidency isn't one of them.  Beginning in 1952, candidates have been releasing their returns to assure voters that they have no conflicts … 
Editor's notes:  Trump has already released a 100 page summary review of his latest tax filings.  He is under a 24/7/365 IRS audit  . . .    yes,  it is never ending.  Such is the case when a man files a 2,000 page tax return;  the IRS finishes an audit of one year just in time to begin an audit for the next year.   And,  if he was guilty of "tax evasion" as the Times wants you to believe,  he would already be in jail.  
In view of the fact that the ONLY reason for the demand to reveal his tax returns is to dig up dirt on the man,  I argue that he should not give the Media that power.  Who died and made the Marxists Among Us the keeper of campaign purity,  anyway?   Make no mistake, this is about giving the Marxist Left 20 or 30 "new" headlines with which to prosecute Trump during the campaign season. 

Sorry folks but I am fine with the man and his taxes,  because I believe that he is constantly under scrutiny by the IRS and the DOJ.  If he uses the system (loopholes and all) to beat the tax system,  well,  he has become my hero.  You do it,  so why not Trump?