Like Herman Cain said, today, "GOP #nevertrump, turn around and look behind you. You have no army !!!"

Senator Ted Cruz’s supporters are mounting an effort to seize control of the Republican platform and the rules governing the party’s July convention, the first indication that Mr. Cruz will not simply hand his delegates over to Donald J. Trump.
In an email sent Sunday to pro-Cruz convention delegates, a top aide to the Texas senator wrote that it was “still possible to advance a conservative agenda at the convention.”
“To do that, it is imperative that we fill the Rules and Platform Committees with strong conservative voices like yours,” wrote Ken Cuccinelli, who was the campaign’s former delegate wrangler and a former attorney general of Virginia. “That means you need to come to the national convention and support others in coming, too!”
Mr. Cruz is planning a Monday evening conference call where, as Mr. Cuccinelli writes, Mr. Cruz’s former officials plan to “discuss what we can do at the convention to protect against liberal changes to our platform, and how we can right the wrongs in the rules from 2012!”
The “wrongs” Mr. Cuccinelli was referring to are the changes pushed through at the last convention by supporters of Mitt Romney that would have made it harder for a candidate’s name to be placed in nomination.
But Mr. Cruz’s supporters and other conservative activists are also deeply concerned about Mr. Trump’s general election agenda, and want to ensure that he does not alter the party’s platform. Since locking up the nomination last week, Mr. Trump has made clear he intends to run a populist campaign against Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, indicating he is open to higher taxes and an increase in the minimum wage.
The party’s convention rules and policy platform are determined every four years by temporary committees comprised of a select group of convention delegates. The rules and platform are then ratified or rejected by all the delegates at the convention   . . . . .   see the full story at the NY Timnes.

Editor's notes:  Here is the problem with all of the above:  Donald Trump owns the party politic.  That's the fact of the matter and Ted Cruz is just as delusional as John Kasich, Mitt Romney,  Jeb Bush and his whole family if he thinks otherwise. 

Donald Trump will never agree to be a surrogate candidate.  He will not be dictated to nor will he be ruled by those he beat fair and square.    

There is much to criticize in Donald Trump,  but the reaction of those who claimed to be loyal to the party, some of whom signed pledges that have proven to be meaningless,  is disgraceful.