At least we know that Trump is not hiding crooked activity, in his tax returns. What is Hillary hiding by refusing to relase her speech transcripts?

Jeremy Diamond / CNN:
Donald Trump: I'll release tax returns after audit  —  (CNN)Donald Trump said Wednesday that he plans to release his taxes when an IRS audit is completed, despite telling the Associated Press the previous day before that he would not release his tax documents.
Editor's notes:  Here is what I like about Trump,  he will use the tactics of the Left on the Left.  Case in point?  Donald's tax returns.  Donald says,  "I will release those returns after the audit."  Hillary,  when asked about all those speeches she made for millions in profitable returns,  "I will release those transcripts after everyone else does." 
Give this a little time,  and Trump will be spending extra effort in demanding  Hillary release those transcripts.  
Understand that if this election is about trustworthiness,  Trump wins this argument.  At least we know he is not covering up something illegal,  or the IRS and the DOJ would already have him behind bars.  Hillary,  on the other hand,  is being paid for promises made in those speeches,  and we all know it.    
More than this,  you should know that Trump has released a summary review of his last tax return and it is 100 pages long.  Anyone know how complicated a billionaire realtor's tax returns are?  Or how man hundreds of pages are in those returns?  
Hillary and her team of character assassins  would take Trump's 700 page (?) tax return,  and capitalize on one inconsistency after another.  And she would do so,  at a time when no one really cares.  Trump has already admitted that he pays "as little in taxes as possible."  I mean,  that IS the system,  and Hillary lives by the same rules.  

In the end,  this is nothing but a diversion coming from a woman who claims she will never get down in the mud with Trump.  Another claim of hers that no one seriously believes.