Trump still ragging on the GOP, but it is meaningless chatter.

Steve Benen / MSNBC:
Trump's feud with the RNC reaches a striking new level  —  Donald Trump is coming to a striking realization: it's possible, if not likely, that he's going to reach the Republican National Convention this summer with the most pledged delegates, the most votes, and the most state victories … 

Editor's notes:  Trump is simply trying to keep things stirred up until the next round of primaries begin,  early next week, and he starts winning, winning, winning, again.  His continuing threat to "go third party" is something the RNC should openly laugh at.  Its not going to happen.  Trump can't beat Hillary as a third party candidate and he would have to spend nearly 1 billion dollars of his own money in the failed effort.  While the One Toothers and Confederate exDemocrats who are his supporting base,  think he can win,  Trump knows better and will not spend hundreds of millions of his own money just to make a statement.