There is nothing negative that can be said about GOP candidates that is not reality x3 in the Obama Administration.

Larry Summers: Trump an ‘American Demagogue… Profoundly Dangerous’

Editor's notes:  If you have been paying attention over the past seven  years,  you will find this Larry Summers complaint as funny as I do.  No one,  absolutely no one,  has governed as comprehensive a totalitarian as has Obama.  He has rewritten the book on "The Rights and Privilege of being a Presidential Demagogue," and, will continue to do so until his very last day in office,  Jan 19, 2017. 

He has completely sidelined the bi-partisan Congress, weaponized several federal agencies  (IRS, FEC, FCC, DOJ, EPA, the Labor Board),  and rules via executive order on every occasion possible.  He is anti-free speech, anti-states rights,  anti-private gun ownership (oh yes he is !!),  anti-military,  anti-Semitic,  anti-borders,  and anti-capitalist and has the lowest Gallup approval average of any modern day president.  

He sees the Constitution and related docs as papers and opinions written by slave masters and whitie and sees no practical difference between Communism and Capitalism  (telling youth in Argentina "Choose which of the two works for you"). 

Let's not forget why the nation is in the mess that it is.  Even Hillary would be an improvement.  

Now you know.