Conservatives do not know when to stop fighting

NOLA:  For the first time ever in Louisiana, a governor took formal action to protect transgender state workers and transgender people seeking state services from discrimination.
Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards issued an executive order Tuesday (April 13) that protects state workers and state contractors from being fired, discriminated against or harassed based on their gender identity as well as their sexual orientation. State agencies, departments and offices also wouldn’t be able to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Editor's notes:   Conservatives do not know when to stop fighting.  

Case in point:  this thing about tranny inclusion.  Here in my state of California,  the Confused Gender crowd is fully protected.  In fact,  I do not know if my reference, "Confused Gender crowd," is even legal.  Be that as it may.  The fact of the matter is this:  in my state,  I cannot discriminate in my hiring practices.  I am a building contractor (one of a few who hold a General Engineering license AND a General Builders license).  While I must consider a transgender and his/her application.   I do not have to hire them over others who are more qualified,  nor do I have to allow a male-to-female tranny the right to wear a dress or lipstick,  on the job.  I am allowed to maintain a dress code while on the job.  A company party?  Yes,  that is different,  and,  playing dress-up for those occasions is something I must allow.  

The news story above,  is not something I usually talk about.  It is not news to me,  nor is it threatening,  in any way.  If the "shemale" can read blue prints,  pound nails,  layout and nail up a stud wall,  etc., as long as he/she shows up wearing cloths and a hard hat,  I don't care.  

So,  what is the point of the news story.?    Well,  I found it on Weasel Zippers,  a hard hard Right site that supports Trump and would not allow the transgender any job related activity,  would keep them from entering college or vocational school,  or receive food stamps.  The clowns who run Weasel   would refuse all welfare services and job related activities.  How stupid is that ?  Tell the man (or whatever) that he can't work,  and then deny him food stamps and a means for survival.  

I was an active building contractor for 35 years.  During that time,  I am certain that I hired a homosexual or four.  There was never something on my applications for work that would reveal sexual proclivity.  They were either a profitable service to me or not.  If an employee worn a work shirt that buttoned up on the left versus the right,  I did not care,  just as long as that employee wore work-appropriate clothing,  did not look stupid  (pants around the knees,  excessive jewelry, etcv . . . . .), and most importantly,  could get the job done. 

My point?  We are fighting battles that either make no freaking difference in the real world,  or,  are battles that have already been lost.  

What about minimum wage?  If I have to pay a novice carpenter $15 per hour,  I won't hire a novice and train him   . . . .   can't afford to pay an employee $31,500 a year for what he does not know (and $15 an hour is 31,000 per year !!).  

Look,  if "they" can't change my individual behavior,  they actually lose the war.    You want to wear a dress as a man?  That has nothing to do with me.  You want to criminalize my speech?  I will posit my objections in form of questions,  not affirmative statements.  You want me to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple?  I tell you I no longer letter cakes and offer only "these 70 presentations,"  none of which speak to sexual proclivity; none of which are "custom cakes."    You want lettering?  "There are pastry based lettering on that rack 'over there.' "  You buy and place those letters on your cake.  

I could go on,  but the point is this:  most of us need to ask this question:  "How will the proposed change effect me?  "  For most,  you will find that there is no effect.  

"But,  what about the effect on the nation and our collective freedoms?"   Just another question that has nothing to do with reality   . . . .   in most cases.  The issue is this:  What can the PC crowd force me to do  . . . .   as an individual ?  And the answer,  for the most part,  is "Next to nothing."  

If you want to survive in an unfriendly world,  try thinking.    Reading and acting on some story in WeaselZipper is the very opposite of thinking.