Anti-Islam Billboard in St. Augustine Beach, Florida. Maybe we should stop and think, for just a moment.

I have read the Koran.  Indeed,  it is a very violent book in places and calls for death to unconverted Jews and Christians  BUT most American Muslims do not approve of,  nor want,  killings and beheadings to be the defining functions of their faith.

It seems to me,  that we conservatives,  those of us who have actually read the Koran,  are taking our hands-on knowledge of the Koran and insisting that all or most American Muslims [do]  practice the more violent sections of their religious book with no regard as to what they actually believe.

Christianity has a similar problem.  Many if not most Christian believe that the Old Testament is a part of the New Testament,  at least as far as historicity is concerned.  Me?  I believe the Old Testament are the scriptures for the Jewish faith.  As far as I am concerned,   The New Testament is the end of the Old. Problem solved.

At any rate,  the fact of the matter is this:  most American Muslims simply ignore any instruction that calls for violence against their fellow man.

That is what is wrong with the billboard:   It ignores the personal faith of several million American Muslims.   They were raised "Muslim,"  and have come to ignore those passages that demand death to the Jewish/Christian unconverted population.  I am one who is willing to allow them this inconsistency.  Having said that,  I do not trust them so I keep my distance,  but this is a personal issue with me,  and, does not violate their rights as American citizens.