About the Denny Hastert sex scandal (equal times demands I say something about this).

New York Times:
Hastert Molested at Least Four Boys, Prosecutors Say  —  CHICAGO — Federal prosecutors on Friday for the first time provided details of sexual abuse allegations against J. Dennis Hastert, the former speaker of the House, asserting that he molested at least four boys, as young as 14 …

Update:  Chicago Sun Times is reporting a fifth boy victim.  The man was a serial molester.  Thank God this is not normative behavior, yet.  They are still institutionalizing "gender reassessment."  After that battle has died down,  then man/boy love will be next.  
Editor's notes:  In my book,  there is no more disgusting scandal other than Obama's treatment of our military fighters than this (Hastert) scandal.  It now includes four young boys.  
I have no words that can be put into print,  on this one.  Benghazi was a policy decision.  Indeed,  it is Democrat policy to hide the truth when ineptness explodes onto the scene.  
Hastert is moral scandal and reflects on no one but Hastert.  If you remember,  Denny was a major anti-homosexuality pundit.  Turns out,  it was only a cover for his personal homosexual immorality.  
And to think,  one day in the not-too-distant future,  the Dems will be supporting man/boy love.  In fact,  that reality is already in the making.  
And you want to know why I left that party after working to elect Jimmy Carter, the first time?  Seriously?