Why the hype on Irene?

I am not certain as to the answer to my own headlined question. Why ?! indeed. As a political blogger, I spend a significant amount of time watching Fox News, Fox Buiness News and CNN. 72 hours of non-stop Irene coverage. Ridiculous.

Was it a news maker? Of course. The storm covered more area, at one time, than any I can remember. Was it responsible for the deaths of 18 to 25 people? Again, "yes." But a number of "news alerts" would have taken care of that terrible circumstance. Massive flooding in New England and Virginia, the worst in a 100 years? Definitely, but . . . .

. . . . . why 72 hours of non-stop BS?

In a word, Katrina --- and the dire predictions from the global warming, "its our fault" clowns.

That was 2005. The forecasts were coming in, hot and heavy, predicting as many a 17 level 3 to 5 storms in the Gulf, alone, for the 2006 hurricane season. You should know that weather predictions come from certain "scientific weather models" which are mathematical equations used to propose [in the case of global warming] the world's demise via man made global warming. It is from these "models" that we are given a sense of certainty as to what the future holds for mankind: the beginning of the end, one massive storm after another, perhaps hundreds of such storms world wide over the course of the next decade.

I am saying that "global warming" and its associated predictive calamities, are all the product of mathematical equations called "weather models." There are many such "models," all based upon conjecture, none of which rise above the category of an "educated guess." The ugly truth about "weather models," is this: they are wrong more than 80% of the time. Think about it, when was the last time you saw a local 7-day weather forecast that was "spot on?" I have lived [most recently] in Denver and the Central Valley of California. The 7-day forecasts in both regions are never fully accurate. In fact, more often than not, I am left wondering why they even bother with such long term forecasting. And, yet, they want us to believe that the weather models used for 7-day forecasts are, strangely, very accurate when predicting global warming.

Take hurricane predictions, as an example of "warming" accuracy. Going back to the dire forecasts for 2006 and beyond. "Hundreds of storms, world wide." "The beginning of the most tumultuous weather cycle in modern history." And the truth of these predictions?

Turns out that 2005 was the worst hurricane season in recent years. Only 1933 and 1887 are comparable. There were so many storms, in 2005, that the hurricane center ran out of names, in alphabetical order, and had to finish the season using the Greek alphabet for names. Katrina was a level 5, at sea, and struck New Orleans as a level 3 storm. Rita followed and hit the Texas coast, a category 5 at sea and a cat 3 when it hit Texas. Willma, another cat 3, hit Florida, before the '05 season was over. 2004 was, also, a very bad year for hurricanes.

In spite of the American seasons of '04 and '05, total energy in all the hurricanes, world wide, has been decreasing. Since 1993, total recorded energy is down considerably. No more than two cat 3 hurricanes have actually landed on American soil, since the 2005 season.

The warming crowd is desperate for weather calamity. Without such calamity, they cannot sell their doom and gloom forecasts, and their efforts to collect huge sums of money via wealth redistribution are destined to failure. Understand that "crisis" is at the center of modern day Leftist politics. It was used to sell TARP, the 787 stimulus, the Dodd/Frank regulation bill and, of course, ObamaCare.

The fear tactic of the 111th Democrat controlled congress, ran out of gas during ObamaCare. While that bill was successfully crammed down our collective throat, it took a full year to do so rather than the anticipated 3 months. Copenhagen (a warming conference of world leaders) and subsequent warming "payments" to disenfranchised nations of the world failed miserably. Today, the wheels have fallen off the "scare wagon" of the Left. They have nothing to offer in its place. The scare is gone and, consequently, their agenda is dead, at least, for the time being.

Understand, that it is not the coverage of this storm, that is the complaint. Rather, it is the non-stop, 72 hour coverage that is the problem. Over the weekend, it was the biggest story in town. But, such is the case today and what is the nature of the coverage, as I write this post?

The biggest story of the day, today, is the aftermath of Irene and, yet, exclusive coverage is not the programing of the day, as it should be.

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