Obama's plan for just about anything: Either more regulations or more money.

And here is another story you will see and hear about over the coming days before the midterm . . . . . and it has to do with Obama spending more money for his "friends." Understand, this dummy wannabe intellectual is being used by the Marxist White Man as a means to an end, make no mistake about that.

Read this headline/review:

Big Labor's Payoff

05/25/2010 06:29 PM ET - Unions: Those who give to politicians expect a lot in return. That's clear from the budget-busting payoffs directed largely at organized labor by Democrats in Congress and the White House. A bill making its way through the Senate would bail out union pension funds to the tune of $165 ... More »

Let's make a wager - we "bet" that Obama has no clue as to the details of this financial bill. After all, he did not not know the details of the healthcare bill. Remember his claim that "pre-existing conditions" were paid for in that bill? Turns out, "pre-existing" was NEVER written into the bill. Only after the bill was past into law was it discovered that "pre-existing conditions" had been left out of the bill. Our point? Obama did not know this. He only "knew" what he was told, like a good little boy doing the bidding of his masters.

After all these years, after all the times Democrats were in control over the past 40 years, how come the Blacks have not benefitted from their (the Dems) caring agenda ?? And how come members of the Black community do not mind being treated like lackey's at a "go, fetch" contest ??

There is no alternative to hard work. The welfare of the '70's and 80's did nothing but destroy the Black family and fund the drug habits of many in that community. And here is Obama, beginning the cycle of irresponsibility all over again -- jds.

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