Is Michigan Basketball, Obama's team because (in part) of the anger of its 1992 and 1993 teams? (Updated).

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Michigan,  1992,  was a very young  all black (as it turned out) and all freshmen, college basketball team.  On ESPEN,  April 6, during the noon hour (Pacific Time),  the sports network ran its special,  The Fab Five. While the '92 Michigan team great at playing the game, they were as controlled by racial prejudice as any college team could get. 

Update:  By contrast to the racist attitudes of the '92 and '93 Michigan teams,  this year's NCAA finals saw the University of Kentucky versus the U of Conn.  Kentucky,  also,  had an all freshman starting line-up for the first time since 1992.  The contrast is startling:  in '92,  it was all about "uncle toms" and "pussy whites" and the fantasy that "The Tournament"  was "us against the world."  The Fab Five of the Kentucky's team,  did none of this rhetorical nonsense.  .  

In the two hour special,  I lost track of how many times they spoke of hating their 1992 opponent,  Duke [and Ohio, for that matter].    White players were “pussy’s” and opposing blacks were described as “Uncle Toms.”  Over and over, again, the phrase was used - by members of the Michigan team -  "it was us against the world."  It is my experience that when you find this kind of whiny rhetoric,  often,  you are looking at reasoning that goes to a defense of rank prejudice.  If the world is truly against you,  a certain righteousness can be extended to the use of bigotry, slurs,  and,  the general use of hate speech.  They were "right," and everyone else was "wrong."  
Michigan's '92, all freshman,  "Fab Five"  consisted of  Chris Webber (#4),    Jalen Rose (#5) and Chicago  native Juwan Howard (#25), probably the two most prolific, trash talking,  racists on the Michigan team,  and,  two recruits from Texas, Plano’s Jimmy King (#24) and Austin's,  Ray Jackson (#21).

Michigan lost in the finals,  to Duke,  71 to 51 in 1992 and North Carolina (79-71) in 1993.  Running their mouths and spewing hate and prejudice,  did not work for them. The last time Michigan won an NCAA championship,  was in 1989.  

I mention all this,  because,  when H Obama did his NCAA brackets, this year,  instead of paying attention to Russia and Crimea and Iran and Syria and North Korea,  and the PLO and problems in Venezuela,  Mexico and North Africa,   he picked his “home boys” at Michigan University and made it clear that Michigan was his team,  that he was a fan of the University.   In and of itself,  nothing wrong with going with the "home boys."  But, is Michigan University Obama's preference because of its proximity to Illinois,   or is there another consideration?  When did he become a fan (emphasis on "when"),   may be the bigger story,  here.  

While Obama was raised a privileged white boy throughout his teenage years,  he grew up,   in his adult years,  in the White Hating Capitol of the World,  Chicago, Illinois,  the home of Louis Farrakhan,  Jeremiah Wright,  America-hating Bill Ayers. 

After watching ESPEN's  made-for-TV special, The Fab Five,  I realized why Michigan is Obama’s team.  It is not as simple as the fact that the University is in the same part of the world as Illinois.  After  (of course this is my opinion) watching the special,  as I have said,  it became clear to me that the Fab Five of the early 1990’s expressed the same trash-talking,  racist ideas  Obama was listening to in that day and time.  He attended a Farrakkan rally, back in that day,  and,  listened to the hate speech of Jeremiah Wright for more than 20 years, beginning in 1987. 

He is on record as describing the 2012 presidential elections as a time for revenge,  when he spoke of “winning the election as the best kind of revenge.”  He has become the most harmful black raciest of our time,  more so than Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  He has divided this country along racial lines and glories in the racial division,  never saying a word to calm the nation,  preferring to watch and nod with approval as militants shout,  “no justice,  no peace,” and as black youth run rampant in the East,  playing their “knockout” games.   

Was this troubling time at Michigan,  the time Obama became a fan?  Is it “these  old memories” that cemented Obama’s friendship for the University beyond the fantasy that the Illinois/Michigan area was "home turf" for the Spinmeister?   In a word,  I am asking,  does Obama gravitate towards those who feel angst for the "white man's America"  and the exceptionalism that is its history?  

Defenders of Obama will say, “No."     Folks such as myself, on the other hand,  will see the possibility as a probability,  and his support for the University of Michigan,  evidences my belief  (a minor point, to be sure,  but "evidence," nonetheless).  

By the way,  Chris Webber,  was one of the greats in the NBA,  a kind hearted kid that may not have been as involved in the angst of the ’92 –’93 teams as some of the others,  but Obama remains as much a bigot, if not more so,  than ever.  
After Notes: 

Besides the bigotry of this team,  a booster named Ed Martin, doled out more than $600,000 to four members of the Fab Five and their family.  There is question as to when this money changed hands - before or after these players went Pro.  While that is a question,  raised by ESPEN sportscasters,  I wonder why money was paid to players and family after they all went Pro.  But such is is not the issue of this commentary.  

A biographical note about Chris Webber from Wikipedia:  

[Canadian born] Mayce Edward Christopher "Chris" Webber III (born March 1, 1973) is a retired American professionalbasketball player. He is a five-timeNBA All-Star, a five-time All-NBATeam member, a former NBA Rookie of the Year, and a former #1 overallNBA Draftee. As a collegiate athlete, he was an NCAA Men's Basketball first team All-American and led theUniversity of Michigan Wolverines' 1991 incoming freshman class known as the Fab Five that reached the1992 and 1993 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship games as freshmen and sophomores. However, Webber was indicted by a federal grand jury and stripped of his All-American honors by the NCAA as a result of his direct involvement in theEd Martin scandal.[1] He is also a former National High School Basketball Player of the Year who led his high school Detroit Country Dayto three Michigan State High School Basketball Championships.


Anonymous said...

This is the intelligence level of Fox News and their Freudian slip of bigotry...

John Smithson said...

And Obama still does not know how to pronounce "corps." You just refuse to avoid real debate, Mr PhD man.

Anonymous said...

The last home game of the season is when senior team members are honored. Usually. The senior year of the remaining two of the "Fab Five" had THREE seniors, those two and one white guy, who was solid, though not spectacular. That pig, Steve Fisher, gave Rose and Howard all sorts of praise and glory at that game, and the one other guy got a little pat one head. It was disgusting to watch how differently he was treated.