A well educated conservative and his response to the Misfits now serving as Over Lords to this once great nation.

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Council submission
I decided to share my response to liberal "respondents" writing to this blog, folks who have no respect for traditional America, our Founders, the decisions they (our Founders) made, our economic system (capitalism), free-opposition speech,  the right of the several states to rule themselves, and that which they see as "pure greed" in describing the 240 year history of this nation and the reason it needs  "fundamental transformation."  In taking their stance,  this bunch of misfits have spent the past 5 years trying to brand the patriot nation as "terrorists,"  "worse than the Taliban,"  and the GOP/conservative population as "nothing but raciests and malcontents."   

Again,  below is my brief response to such rhetorical nonsense, a response to which the "other side" has no rebuttal.  Everything in my statement is true,  to a fault,  and sadly frames the New Democrat party as America's most dangerous, domestic enemy.  I write, "sadly,"  because I was a Democrat.  I still believe JFK was a good,  if not great,  president.  And, I worked as a volunteer for Jimmy Carter's election.  But the godlessness of the Democrat Party drove me away, and now,  it works for the removal of folks like me, from the political process, altogether.

<<<<  J Smithson (blog editor) with his two daughters;  one an "Xer," and the younger (on the left),  a Millennial.  Both understand and agree with the truth of my comments,  below.  Each is a four year,  graduated nurse.  One was Valedictorian of her high school class and the other,  graduated summa cum loude (top 2% of the class) while earning her college degree.  Their husbands are equally responsible: one being a great worship leader and pastor,  the other,  a very successful rancher/business owner.   We as a family. are well educated and conservative.  I have three boys,  as well,  all state wrestling champions,  one an ER doctor,  one a lawyer, and the youngest,  one of the best salesman/managers I know.  While I am at it,  I must mention my two daughters on my wife's side:  Andrea and Shelly - each, school teachers,  each conservative and patriotic.  Their husbands? One is an extremely successful dairymen in this state,  and the other,  a very involved "pastor of missions."     

My reason in offering this “family review” is to say this:   we (my family and 19 grandchildren) are a part of a local population of friends and acquaintances  sharing the same qualifications:  intelligent, capable and demonstratively open to ethnic unity.  We “are some of many,”  qualified Americans,  who share the same concern for a retreating national equation that will,  someday,  find us poor,  naked and blind, as a nation, living in a world of enemies and murderers.  Folks of my ilk,  believe that America IS the balance of power, in this,  a wicked and  brutal world. We ALL have our teeth.  We all bathe.  Most of us do not chew (although that is fine with me).  We all care about our health and,  most importantly,  we all reject the notion that American exceptionalism needs to be eradicated.  

As you read my response,  you will note my impatience and disgust with the Marxist nuisance writing onto my blog.  Understand this:  I went to school with these people,  back in the late 1960's.  Back then,  they were proud and vocal Communists,  lovers of Marx/Engles and all things "anti-American."  Today,  some act insulted when you apply these labels to them,  but 40/50 years ago,  they bragged about these things and cherished these labels.  Back then, they took over college campuses,  burned the flag as often as someone could afford buying one,  gloried in the filth of such gatherings as Woodstock, raised angry fists during the Olympics, threw bags of crap on our returning soldiers, 
hated the government and worked for its demise.  Pelosi,  Dick Durban,  Bill and Hillary, Elizabeth Warren,  Bill de Blasio and the like,  have my college "comrades" as members of their past life.     If you are younger than me (I am 69),  you probably do not have the same historical perspective.  I was there.  I actually argued with these people about the value of communism and socialism and free love and legal happy weed.  
Today,  "they" pretend to be innocents from a distant past, but, the truth of their generational "heritage,"  is quite different.  They were Marxist Misfits back then.  I know because I was there  . . . . . .  and nothing has changed for these people,  except for their ascendancy to power.  

(My response) after tiring of being called  "racist and a terrorist, worse than the Taliban":   Your side IS ON RECORD as describing our Constitution as a white extremist document. Your side is ON RECORD as describing Geo Washington as racist and bigoted, the very opposite of "a patriot of the highest order." Talk about "the Taliban" and "terrorists," your side is ON RECORD as opposing a peaceful solution to the issue of slavery, preferring to stand against the Yankee North, in America's most shameful war (the Civil War -- and the Democrat population of the South). Your side invented the KKK, Occupy, every single Jim Crow law on the books,  and, domestic terrorism (aka "the environmentalist movement"). Your side is ON RECORD pushing for a world without borders, the end of our national sovereignty, the exclusion of the Constitution by simply ignoring its rule. You stand for the rule of Progressive lawlessness as seen in the creation of "sanctuary cities," a stoner nation per Oregon and Colorado, the divorce of parents from the educational process of their children., heating cities with the dead bodies of the aborted, using abortion not only as “family planning,” but in the control of unwanted members of a poorer and uneducated population. You are anti-capitalistic, preferring creating dependency to job creation and vocational training. You and your side of the aisle could not be more dangerous to this sovereign nation,  if tried.

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Anonymous said...

What is it with regressives that they are so against world unity? Why do they always have the need to feel superiority over all others of different nations, beliefs, races?

Ever notice the series of overnight folk heroes that the right has found? It was Ted Nugent, the guy who called Obama a monkey, and then the "Duck Dynasty" guy who thinks teenage girls should prepare for marriage and blacks were better off as slaves. Rand Paul who spoke against the civil rights amendment.

When there is controversy involving blacks - conservatives rush to the opposite side to support the George Zimmermans of the world. Now the latest, Clive Bundy.

What is wrong with these people? Why are they so against a united planet? Perhaps they haven't evolved enough.

Anonymous said...

The only explanations for highly educated people to be conservative are 1) Christian indoctrination and a worldview that assumes Christian moral authority over all others 'that don't look and pray like us', or 2) Being a part of the top 1% that uses such people as pawns to do their shilling for them to protect their assets so they can become more wealthy and powerful.

Your family breeding in such huge numbers is common with the 'quiverfull' fundamentalists, so I assume it's reason #1. As school teachers, it is my hope that they aren't science denying creationists like their father. If so, typical of conservative regressives where religion trumps critical thinking and logic.

Anonymous said...

Christian right, like the Taliban, enemies of women's rights?

"Christian Historian" - David Barton - who Smithson has quoted numerous times on this blog stated yesterday on the radio, denying women the right to vote was necessary for “a strong culture, a strong society, and it was based on a strong family that preceded government. And they crafted their policies to protect a strong family.” - http://www.wallbuilderslive.com/

Yes, like the Taliban. No respect for women's rights, equality. Regressive, theocratic. Morons.

John Smithson said...

First, I don't know a David Barton, so why the lie. Second, the point of my article, which is one of the top five articles written this past month, is this: ALL the conservatives I know are professional people and teachers . . . ALL of them. Since you don't believe in God or "religion," I have no reason to discuss it with you. You are clueless, as an unbeliever, so why have the discussion. Thirdly, in terms of monthly income, I know almost no one who makes $200,000 a year (Obama's fantasy "1%"). Conservative America is "Realville."

The fact of the matter is this: I absolutely hate Marxism in any form. So stop whining when dealing with my opinions. Marxism has never worked, and is failing this country, as I write.