Blow-up dolls stolen -- a brief commentary by the Smithmeister.

Most of you have little idea just how perverted our world is.  The picture,  left,  is a blow up doll and one of the least controversial looking dolls.  Understand that men buy these things and take them home for "companionship."  

Years ago,  back in the day when I was pounding nails as a carpenter,  someone brought a magazine with an ad for a blow-up doll, to the job site and showed it to us during a lunch break.  My response?  

I looked over at the guys and said,  "Sooo,   someone is paying good money to make love to a balloon ??!!"  Still feel the same way.  

As far as our headline is concerned,  they will never find this doll if was taken home and who would want to.    Maybe the authorities should start looking in the diamond lanes of the freeway system.  

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