Win or lose, the Socialist Democrat Party had a plan:

Before the November 8, 2016 election,  the Dems had already created a general plan. 

Plan A was predicated on the Dems winning the general election.  If that happened,  they were going to shame their opponents into accepting her presidency.  "Would you accept Hillary's presidency,"  was the debate question asked of Trump,  and in extension,  all of the patriot nation.  When Trump answered,  "We will have to see   . . . .  was the election free of mischief and outright cheating" were the concerns Trump had.  Before November 8,  so much media pressure had been exerted, that Trump admitted that he would accept her victory.  

Little did any of know that the Dems had no plans to accept a Trump presidency   . . . . .   none whatsoever.  There pledge to accept Trump was a lie, an in-your-face lie on the same level of the lie(s) told as they crammed ObamaCare down our throats.  

But she lost.  

Plan B.  The Dems went to Ukrainian officials to get dirt on Trump through Paul Manafort, businessman who had done business with Russian firms.   The Clinton campaign made it clear that this initial effort "proved to have beneficial."    Out of this effort came the Steele dossier, 36 pages of crap on Trump,  a document put in the hands of John McCain who promptly gave it to the FBI.  The dossier was debunked,  never used by the Dems because it was so unattached from the truth.  But the decision to tie Trump to the Russians was borne out of this effort.  

By the time Trump was inaugurated,  Democrat leadership  had decided to frame Trump as a traitor,  and pursue "impeachment" as the ultimate "punishment."    Again,  they never intended to accept Trump. 

We now know that the idea that "Trump is a Russian operative" came from Ukrainian "opposition research,"  such as it was.    It did not come out "thin air."     

Anyone and everyone who buys into this scheme is an enemy of the state.  That would include all of the Black Caucus, and,  the highest levels of Democrat leadership past and present.  

Now you know.