The Left Outs think 70 million folks is a "cult."

The Left Outs are fond of saying crap like this:  "'All that right-wing media needs to do is just throw out some things that appear to be substantive that have some stray facts that the cult will hang on to, and the cult will do everything else themselves,"

Problem:  64 to 70 million voting Americans are hardly a "cult."  This "cult" doesn't burn down cities,  it's members actually work,  they don't advocate for the murder of our President,  members of the opposing party (aka the "GOP"), or our cops.  These folks do not believe in Castro/Chavez style communism.  They are not afraid to fight a war and win that war.  They are not always begging for free stuff.  They are not afraid of opposing speech.  They do not cry and go into hysterics when they lose an election.  They love bragging about the sex acts they are willing to perform in order to win an election (they are such skanks that no one really seeks their sexual favors).  Five,  six,  seven times a week,  their news services are having to retract or rewrite or simply block something they have written.  They offer no ideas and work for the overthrow of the existing federal government  (the very definition of rebellion,  anarchy, sedition).  

You can call them "fellow Americans," if you like,  but not me.