My advice to President Trump should the GOP fool around and loose the Senate:

Walk away.  

That is my advice.  Just resign.  

That will destroy the GOP but who really cares.  This bunch of malcontents can't get anything done. We conservatives voted this bunch of ungrateful hypocrites back into House and Senate control after John McCain's idiotic 2008 campaign  (thanks John for giving us Barack Obama). 

Me?  We all know that the Democrats can't pass anything without lying their asses off as to the truth of their individual bills.  

But the GOP has been lying to us for 8 years on "repeal and replace."  Clearly,  that was never going to happen,  and we conservatives now know it.  Who knows what McConnell is doing calling for a Senate vote to repeal only,  next week.  Anyone want to take bets on that?  It ain't going to happen. 

Tax reform  is clearly dead,  as well,  and,  for the same reasons the health care reform bill failed.  Identical reasons.  Too many cooks in the kitchen,  unforgiving,  "do it my way or else" conservatives like Rand Paul.  

I won't be reporting on the failure of tax reform,  in the future,  because I just did.  Tax reductions?  Who knows.  Maybe they can't even do that.  

And if we lose the Senate in 2018,  that's it for the Supreme Court.  

Walking away is the best revenge.  We are all European Socialists anyway,  so what the hell. 

The pretense of the Status Quo as to supporting Trump's agenda is the biggest lie of all.  We support the wall,  but we can't fund it.  We support health care reform,  but we do not have the votes.  We support tax reform,  but can't Grand Old Party,  as a unit,  to agree on what that reform would include.  We support small government,  but Trump is the only one keeping that decades old campaign crap rhetoric.